Issue II/2019 - Guilt


In theory

Attack of the “New Stupidity”

Tillmann Bendikowski

Populism and nationalism promote hostility toward intellectualism and growing intolerance toward scientific knowledge endangers democracy. But what can we do about it?



69% of Brazilians Are Opposed to Relaxing Gun Laws*

Albert Steinberger

In January, the Brazilian government relaxed restrictions on the purchase of guns, even though a large part of the population was opposed to the move. A survey conducted by the Instituto Datafolha shows that the Brazilian people are also opposed to a number of the government’s other plans.




Jenny Friedrich-Freksa

Guilt. It is a short word but it is highly charged, as if it were laden with evil. It weighs on a person who is punishable in the courts of law. We can also feel quietly guilty, reprimanded by our own heavy conscience. Guilt can afflict entire communities which tolerated something ugly in their midst. And guilt casts long shadows - historical injustice can extend to the present.



This Is Not About Redemption and Guilt

Felwine Sarr, Bénédicte Savoy

In an interview, art historian Bénédicte Savoy and economist Felwine Sarr explain why European museums should return African art treasures.


The Eternal Injustice

Malaika Mahlatsi

Following the end of apartheid, the land question looms large in South Africa: What will happen to arable land that was taken away from the black population? The government now wants to reverse the theft by implementing land reform.


"I Didn't Steal Any Land"

Kallie Kriel

Kallie Kriel, who represents the interests of European farmers in South Africa, considers land reform to be unjust.


"A Black Woman as Jesus"

Kudzanai Chiurai

How artists are shaking up our understanding of history. In conversation with Kudzanai Chiurai.


The Greatest Crime

Hille Norden

When he was 14 years old, Soun Rottana was kidnapped and became a child soldier for Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge, killing dozens of enemy combatants.


The Biggest Mistake of my Life

Michael Scott Moore

How Somalian pirates held me hostage for years – and how I could forgive them in the end.


"Guilt Is at the Heart of Being Human"

Bart van Es

Guilt is a recurring theme in world literature. The author Bart van Es on why it still has not lost its current relevance.


Climate Sinners

Luis Fernández-Carril

Politicians and companies like to urge people to do their bit to help the environment, creating a smokescreen for their own failure to act.


Self Control Replaces Obedience

Alain Ehrenberg

In the past, society made us feel guilty. Today we do it ourselves.


In practice

Visibly Proud

Gundula Haage

For a long time, Sinti and Roma culture was repressed in Europe. A new online archive aims to change that.



All the Good People Were White…

Rose-Anne Clermont

Reni Eddo-Lodge explores how we talk about skin colour – and how we should.


Issue II/2019 - Guilt