Issue III/2019 - Nonstop




Jenny Friedrich-Freksa

Everything is in motion: Never before have so many goods and people been on the move as today. Up to 200,000 aircraft take off and land every day, not counting military, transport and private jets. In cities like Nairobi or Bogotá, constant traffic jams are completely normal, people sit, immobile, in their cars for hours and hours every day.


Cultural spots

Lake Urmia in Iran

Maximilian Mann

When I first travelled to Lake Urmia in the northwest of Iran, I was shocked: Where only a few years ago children from the surrounding area learned to swim, today lies a salt desert.


What's different elsewhere

Vietnam: Subtle Love

Kim Thuy

Kim Thúy, born in Saigon, Vietnam, is a writer and lives in Canada. She explains to KULTURAUSTAUSCH how Vietnamese express their feelings.


How I became me

The King of Klezmer

Giora Feidman

Sometimes I wonder why some families who cannot get away from music. My father, my grandfather, my great-grandfather: they all made music. Maybe it's in our genes.


A house in ...

A house on: Crete

Gundula Haage

Aidin and Theo Nikoloudakis and their three children live in a house in the bay of Likos in southern Crete. From their terrace they look out over the sea and the 500 goats and sheep owned by their extended family.



"Transport Defines how the World Looks"

Jonas Eliasson

The transport specialist Jonas Eliasson explains how we will move in the future.


One Belt, One Road

Shi Ming

A look behind the scenes of the Chinese-planned "New Silk Road",  seen as the largest transport project of modern times. 


All Out at Sea

Marc Levinson

A t-shirt from Bangladesh, an avocado from Mexico: Without the invention of container ships, today’s consumer habits would be unthinkable.


"The Truest Form of Transportation"

Ben Okri

To travel you don’t have to walk, drive or fly says the author Ben Okri. Sometimes it is enough to just open a book.  A conversation about fictional journeys.


"I Love Being in Transit"

Taiye Selasi

Taiye Salasi reflects on a life on the move.



Fiston Mwanza Mujila

It is 18:22 in Macadam and people are waiting to travel back to Amour slum. A story.


A Bond with the River Amazon

Oraldo Reátegui

Captain Seín Pérez has been transporting goods and passengers up and down the Amazon River for years.


A Former Dust Track

Salifu Abdul-Rahaman

Poverty, illness, no schools - for a longtime the North of Ghana was left behind the rest of the country. But the building of the Fufulso-Sawla Road has changed things, fast.


Next Stop, Climate Neutral

Beatrice Rindevall

On ending Stockholm’s history as a car city, and thinking ahead to a cleaner future.


The Gateway to Antarctica

Timo Berger

From a disconnected province, Punta Arenas is being reinvented as a new infrastructure hub.


Menacing Monopolies

Denise Hearn

Why Silicon Valley is so invested in digitalising transport.


World report

"People in Turkey Didn’t Think It Would Get That Bad"

Ece Temelkuran

In an interview, the author and journalist Ece Temelkuran points out the parallels between the right-wing populists in Turkey, the United States and Europe.


The document

Holding a Dialogue With a Wagging Finger

Rose Marie Beck

With its new guidelines for “a deeper partnership with Africa”, Germany wants to update its policy on Africa and improve its cooperation with the continent.


A phone call with ...

Can expropriation take place in a democracy?

Ulrike Guérot

The term “expropriation” is being misused.  


I think that ...

… You Should Leave Our Uteruses Alone

Kinga Tóth

I'm a woman. Which means my ID number starts with a two.



Social Cement

Cord Riechelmann

In his new book, tropical biologist Mark W. Moffett researches the ties that bind human and animal societies.


Issue III/2019 - Nonstop