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Issue III/2019, Nonstop

Holding a Dialogue With a Wagging Finger

Rose Marie Beck

With its new guidelines for “a deeper partnership with Africa”, Germany wants to update its policy on Africa and improve its cooperation with the continent.


Issue II/2018, Heroes

Comment By: Hektor Haarkötter

Hektor Haarkötter

What plans does Deutsche Welle have?

The Deutsche Welle (DW) is aiming for a significant budget increase (2017: 326 million euros) and wants to set up more correspondents’ offices and studios worldwide.


Issue I/2018, Earth, how are you doing?

The New Agenda of the US Democrats

Michael Kinnucan

While Donald Trump is in his second year in office, the Democrats push their new agenda. An extract from "A better deal".


Issue IV/2017, Une Grande Nation

A Little More Peace, Please

Christiane Lammers

The German government recently published guidelines on conflict management. An excerpt from the official white paper and an analysis by peace researcher Christiane Lammers. 


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