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Guilt. It is a short word but it is highly charged, as if it were laden with evil. It weighs on a person who is punishable in the courts of law. We can also feel quietly guilty, reprimanded by our own heavy conscience. Guilt can afflict entire communities which tolerated something ugly in their midst. And guilt casts long shadows - historical injustice can extend to the present.  MORE

Editorial by Jenny Friedrich-Freksa

"This is not about redemption and guilT"
By Bénédicte Savoy and Felwine Sarr

In an interview, art historian Bénédicte Savoy and economist Felwine Sarr explain why European museums should return African art treasures.

By Hille Norden

When he was just 14, Soun Rottana was kidnapped and became a child soldier for Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge, killing dozens of enemy combatants.

The Biggest Mistake of my Life
By Michael Scott Moore

How Somalian pirates held me hostage for years and how I was eventually able to forgive them.

"Guilt Is at the Heart of Being Human"
By Bart van Es

Guilt is a recurring topic in world literature. The author Bart van Es discusses why it is now more topical than ever. 



Did you know that the German words for debt and guilt are the same? The new documentary "Talking Money" follows fifteen loan applicants from across the world and tells a story about more than just the money...

Letter to europe

The Swedish-Iranian writer Athena Farrokhzad has written a burning appeal in verse form about the future of the continent.