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Everything is moving, everything is in motion: Never before have so many goods and people been on the move as today. Up to 200,000 aircraft take off and land every day, not counting military, transport and private jets. In cities like Nairobi or Bogotá, constant traffic jams are completely normal, people sit, immobile, in their cars for hours and hours every day...  MORE

Editorial by Jenny Friedrich-Freksa

"Transport Defines how the World Looks"
By Jonas Eliasson

The transport specialist explains how we will move about in the future.

"The Truest Form of Transportation"
By Ben Okri

To travel you don't have to walk, drive or fly says the author Ben Okri. Sometimes it is enough to just open a book. A conversation about fictional journeys.

"I Love Being in Transit"
By Taiye Selasi

The writer reflects on a live on the move.

Menacing Monopolies
By Denise Hearn

Why Silicon Valley is so invested in digitalising transport.


From the Archive

The philosopher Timothy Morton spoke to KULTURAUSTAUSCH about rethinking our approach to the climate crisis. Read here for his thoughts on solar-powered clubs and saving polar bears.

Letter to europe

The Swedish-Iranian writer Athena Farrokhzad has written a burning appeal in verse form about the future of the continent.