Issue II/2018 - Heroes

Heroes (Issue II/2018)



Dilek Güngör

From a young age we are told to think for ourselves, to chose our own path and not simply imitate the rest. No one wants to be a copycat, so we pretend we know exactly what we are about, hiding the fact we are constantly checking what everyone else is up to. In reality, we stick within our social boxes, we like whatever our friends like, valuing what is important to the people we admire. Then, the next day, we reject what they are passionate about. Just to make a statement.


Tomorrow's world

On Thin Ice

Canada's swathes of ice are set to become safer thanks to a new form of SmartICE technology.


Mayan Manhattan

International research groups have discovered a hidden Mayan settlement with over 40,000 buildings in northern Guatemala, that is as many buildings as there are in Manhattan.


Big Business

The smallest population group in Niger makes the biggest deals 


Grasshoppers for Breakfast

Now shoppers perusing Finland's supermarket shelves can find grasshopper bread, or SirkkaleipäIts manufacturer makes a feature of its high protein content - not least as each loaf contains seventy dried and ground grasshoppers.


Mosquito Police

In Singapore, squads of mosquito police are fighting back against the insects which transmit dangerous diseases such as malaria and dengue fever. 


Work Life Balance

The South Korean parliament has decided to reduce the working week from 68 to 52 hours 


What's different elsewhere

The Power of the Manatee

Edem Archibong Eniang

The African manatee or manatee is one of the most misunderstood mammals in Nigeria. Creepy stories and songs circulate about what are actually the gentle giants of the waters.


No Jealousy

by Amira Bassim

"That's a pretty boy" or "I have a great new job" are sentences which are rarely heard in Egypt for fear that they spark envy and the evil eye.


The Norman Hole

by Bruno Massot

In France food is always a big topic!


The talk of the town in ...


by Enayatullah Azad

In the Afghanistani province of Kabul a major talking point is air pollution which kills more citizens than the war. 


How I became me

Boundlessly Broadcasting

by Emil Bergmann

»As a youngster I dreamt of travelling around the world. However, I neither had the money nor the option of traveling to the West. (…) At the age of 14 I discovered a new hobby which opened the world up to me: amateur radio.«


Topic: Heroes

"We Are All Pack Animals!"

by Cornelia Funke

Life is not possible without heroes. The author Cornelia Funke explains our need for role models and difference between idols of children and adults.


Poised for Action

by Ulrich Bröckling

An investigation into what makes a hero.


A New Era for Heroines

by Jagoda Marinic

For a long time the male gaze dominated the arts and it was up to men to turn women into heroes. But one hashtag was enough to shake up the role of women in Hollywood.


The Uncle and the Physicist

by Cem Sey

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Angela Merkel are two leaders who couldn't be more different: One is happy to consider himself a hero, the other shies away from superlatives.


Visiting Enemies

by Lizzie Doron

How I learnt about heroism by listening to Palestinian fighters.


Who Are the Heroes of Our Heroes?

Who do people look up to who are looked up to themselves? We found out.


Do It Like Lei!

by Falk Hartig

The much-hyped soldier Lei Feng has been dead for over fifty years but to this day, the Communist Party of China continues to tout him as a moral role model.


"You Have to Be Obsessed"

an interview with Philippe Sands

Philippe Sands talks about his work as a human rights lawyer.


The Desire for Innocence

by Andrzej Stasiuk

Why is every attempt to critically revisit Polish history stigmatised as anti-Polish?


We Are the Army Too

by Serhij Zhadan

On Ukraine's response to the death of soldiers who died in the east of the country.


"Integrity Idol"

by Jess Smee

What happens when the unsung heroes of bureaucracy take centre stage? 


"I Don't Create Idealised Characters"

by Laura Bispuri

The director Laura Bispuri questions the Italian image of the "mamma perfetta".


Glorious Snack

by Timothy W. Donohoe

How New York's glorious "hero sandwich" munched its way onto the US literary scene. 


Veiled Against the Baddies

by Saba Khalid

The Pakistani comic character Burka Avenger fights for girls' rights.


World report

On Europe's Northern Edge

by Doris Wöhncke

Natural gas has brought wealth and work to Hammerfest. But not everyone is happy about the development.



78% of Moldavians Believe Their Media Is Controlled*

commented by Natalia Sergheev

The media are a favourite toy of the Moldovan parties. Many television channels and news portals are openly or covertly linked to parties and the independent press is looked down on. Therefore, it is not surprising that two-thirds of Moldovans are convinced that the press is politically controlled.


A phone call with ...

an author and artist: Is Sexism Starting to Disappear From Cultural Life?

commented by Stefanie Sargnagel

In dealings with women in the cultural industry there was long a certain freedom granted to anyone who was rich or successful enough. 



Werther’s Second Spring

by Sieglinde Geisel

From the epistolary novel to Rilke’s shorthand for modern dedication to art: Literature professor Sandra Richter explores how German-language literature is seen, and how it spreads, on the world stage. 


Tentacles and Trips

by Jutta Person

Science fiction, eco-thriller, voodoo grotesque: writer and musician Rita Indiana sends her characters on wild trips, not to mention travelling in time.