Leonie Düngefeld

Leonie Düngefeld, born in 1992 in Kiel, Germany, studied European Studies at Maastricht University and Intercultural European Studies in Regensburg, Clermont-Ferrand and Madrid. She is a trainee at KULTURAUSTAUSCH since February 2020.

Articles by this author

A story goes around the world (Issue III/2020)

In our own hands

The NGO Ketaaketi is breaking new ground in development work. Its success derives from the autonomy and initiative of the people in the three countries it operates in.


The better America (Issue IV/2020)

The power to make someone wait

In her book »The Ungrateful Refugee« Dina Nayeri writes about the arrogance and prejudices of those who have never been forced to leave their home country.


The hunters and the hunted (Issue II/2021)

A hotel for women writers

The German-French collective “Réseau des Autrices” offers female authors a virtual home for their ideas - and a space for political debate.