Doris Akrap

Doris Akrap, born 1974, is a journalist and editor at taz, and a close familiar to Deniz Yücel. She published and wrote the foreword to Yücels book »Wir sind ja nicht zum Spaß hier. Reportagen, Satiren und andere Gebrauchstexte« (nautilus, Hamburg, 2018). For many years, as part of an antiracist ensemble called “Hate Poetry”, she appeared on stage together with her colleagues Mely Kiyak, Deniz Yücel, Yassin Musharbash, Özlem Topçu and others. The ensemble was awarded the special consideration price by Mediums “Journalists of the Year”-accolade in 2014. She also released a detailed compilation of texts to develop direct action approaches on how to combat antisemitism in Germany, under the umbrella of the Amadeus Antonio foundation. Akrap lives in Berlin.

Articles by this author

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Damir Ovcina‘s novel forces the reader to bear witness to the Bosnian genocide.


Taboo (Issue I/2021)

Culture on all channels

The Covid-19 pandemic has unleashed massive restrictions on global cultural relations. How cultural institutes are facing unprecedented challenges.