... Estonia

by Roberta Laas

Make it yourself (Issue IV/2021)

  • First a pub, then a village school, today a venue for concerts and theater performances. Photo: Iris Kivisalu

  • Roberta Laas lives with her family on the upper floor of the Kulturhaus. Photo: Iris Kivisalu

The house has a long history: In 1800, the local mayor ordered the construction of a pub called the Lime Stone Pub. As the name suggests, the house was built of limestone. When alcohol consumption was banned in 1862, the village school moved into the house. Later the parish court met there, then the library took over. At that time, the house already belonged to the Kassari Education Association. Under the Soviets, the house was expropriated and turned into the educational centre of the collective farm. Then it became a cinema. Today, cultural activities take place there: Concerts and theatre, dance and meditation groups meet in the house. It has two floors. On the ground floor there is a café and a theatre hall. Upstairs is a library with a children's corner and the living area that was once furnished for the village school teacher. My husband and I now live in it with our children and run the house.

As told to Timo Berger
Translated by Jess Smee

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