Trollstigen in Norway

by Ken Schluchtmann

Ich und die Technik (Ausgabe IV/2015)


Der Trollstigen in der Nähe von Åndalsnes, Norwegen. Foto: Ken Schluchtmann

This place changed my life. In 1997, during my law studies, I came for the first time to Norway to the Trollstigen, "the Trolls' Staircase", a serpentine road in Western Norway. In the past it sparked fear because trolls were believed to live there. Today, the road leads to one of the most famous viewpoints in the country: At the end of a high valley, you have a spectacular view of the steep, rugged mountains. I was so impressed by the beauty of Norway that I broke off my studies and started an apprenticeship as a photographer.

For some years now, the Norwegian government has been building around 250 very modern viewing platforms throughout the country. Among them is the tourist route on the Trollstigen, designed by the Oslo-based architectural firm Reiulf Ramstad. There are two viewing terraces, one of which pictured here, and also a visitor centre and a restaurant. From the platform, one has a view of 500 metres into the depths. I take photographs of architects' buildings all over the world, but this construction has particularly impressed me. And in spite of the many visitors, for me it is still a slow place: you are very close to heaven. When the clouds suddenly burst open, you look up at the mountain slopes and feel firmly in this world.

As told to Rosa Gosch

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