Worker of the month

a photo gallery by Jesse Louttit

Was machst du? Wie Menschen weltweit arbeiten (Ausgabe II/2013)

  • Teacher, 2009

    Teacher, 2009

  • Chambermaid, 2009

    Chambermaid, 2009

  • Gardener, 2013

    Gardener, 2013

  • Mechanic, 2009

    Mechanic, 2009

  • Waitress, 2009

    Waitress, 2009

  • Giraffe keeper at Toronto Zoo, 2010

    Giraffe keeper at Toronto Zoo, 2010

  • The programme director of an art festival, 2013

    The programme director of an art festival, 2013

  • Emergency doctor, 2008

    Emergency doctor, 2008

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