Under the skin

a photo gallery by Christiane Wöhler

Körper (Ausgabe II/2010)

  • Inga, 2006

    Inga, 2006

  • Lutz, 2009

    Lutz, 2009

  • Lysa, 2009

    Lysa, 2009

  • Mario, 2006

    Mario, 2006

  • Marios Arm, 2006

    Marios Arm, 2006

  • Max, 2003

    Max, 2003

  • Max, 2008

    Max, 2008

  • Max and Hanna, 2008

    Max and Hanna, 2008

  • Philipp, 2009

    Philipp, 2009

  • Self portrait, 2008

    Self portrait, 2008

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