... on Crete

Gundula Haage

Nonstop (Issue III/2019)

Together with his two brothers Nikos and Jorgos, Theo Nikoloudakis runs a farm that also supplies the family tavern “Nikos Small Paradise” with meat, cheese, yoghurt, vegetables and honey. In summer, many hikers stop there every day to explore the rugged Cretan coast. In the winter, things get calmer. The heart of the house is the kitchen, because the family comes together at the large wooden table. On long winter evenings, people play, talk and eat here. The white colour of the façade is typical of Crete: every spring it is painted white with a chalk paste that reflects the sunlight. So it stays nice and cool in summer. The blue shutters are also typical of the island. For a long time their colour was regarded as a political statement: they were painted red when the Greek Communist Party was elected, or blue for the colour of the New Democracy Party. Today the blue has prevailed on Crete, although these days it has no political significance.

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