Whistling against sexual violence

Above (Issue I/2019)

Women and men in Morocco protest against sexual assault with whistles. Following the alleged rape of a 17-year-old this summer, the hashtag #Masaktach ("I'm not keeping silent") was launched on social media, similar to #MeToo. # Masaktach is said to have mobilised nearly 20,000 people so far. Women's rights activists criticize courts for imposing symbolic punishments for sexual violence. Meanwhile there are scant refuges for victims of violence.

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Poorest nation, richest nation (A phone call with ...)

Is the #MeTwo movement mostly about isolated cases?

commented by Idil Baydar

No, these so-called isolated cases reveal a structure and one can see how our society is organised. 


Taboo (Topic: Taboo)

“It is common knowledge in the village who is menstruating”

a photo gallery by Maria Contreras Coll

According to the “Chhaupadi” custom in Nepal, girls and women who are menstruating are considered impure and must be isolated. Maria Contreras Coll spent a year in Nepal and documented this tradition for her photo project “Journey to Impurity”.


Nonstop (I think that ...)

... you should leave our uteruses alone

commented by Kinga Tóth

I'm a woman. Which means my ID number starts with a two.


Une Grande Nation (Topic: France)

“We needed a revolution, but we got Macron!”

an interview with Emmanuel Todd

An interview with the demographer on French voters, the power of the president and the role of education in France.


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“I don't create idealised characters”

an interview with Laura Bispuri

The director Laura Bispuri questions the Italian image of the "mamma perfetta".


Une Grande Nation (Topic: France)

City without a future

by Philippe Pujol

Marseille is home to some of the poorest neighbourhoods in all of Europe. So what is going wrong in France’s second city?