What ever happened to …

Une Grande Nation (Issue IV/2017)

Dominique Strauss-Kahn?

Ever since the string of sexual assault charges he was implicated in, which eventually cost him his run at the French presidency in 2011, things have been pretty quiet for Strauss-Kahn. But DSK, as he is sometimes known, has not been lazing about. He is on the board of two banks, Ukraine’s Bank Credit Dnepr and the Russian Regional Development Bank, which belongs to Russian energy giant, Rosneft.

Mireille Mathieu?

When she sang the song with German lyrics, Hinter den Kulissen von Paris (in English, Behind the scenes of Paris), in 1969, Mathieu won the hearts of many Germans and sold millions of records. However the singer also suffered depression and exhaustion during her career. This is why Mathieu changed gears and now lives quietly together with her sister in Paris.

Rachida Dati?

The French politician became well known as a spokesperson for former French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, and then later on as France’s justice minister. Less savoury headlines followed her during a court case in the course of which French billionaire Dominique Desseigne disputed that he was the father of Dati’s daughter. Dati eventually won the paternity case. Today she works as a member of the European Parliament.

Pierre Cosso?

The French actor first came to the world’s attention when he starred with Sophie Marceau in the film La Boum 2 in 1982. But in 1998, after taking on several more roles and achieving teen heartthrob status, Cosso left the industry. He currently lives in Polynesia and works as a sailing captain – although recently he did turn up in Europe again, this time as a competitor on the Italian version of the reality TV show, Let’s Dance.

Gérard Depardieu?

In 2013, the French film star left his homeland to take up an offer of Russian citizenship from Russian president Vladimir Putin. Today he owns a restaurant, Gérard, in Moscow and sells his own brand of environmentally-friendly vodka.  

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