Rule of law

For a minimum of constitutional democracy

by Jan-Werner Müller

The EU should proactively defend democracy. The liberal rule of law is increasingly being eroded away.


Fuelling xenophobia

by Martin Fejér

The European Court of Justice overturned the NGO law on 18 June but the Hungarian government is yet to give a clear response.


Shady business

by Matthew Agius

The fight against corruption in Malta is a long and drawn out struggle


“People in Turkey didn’t think it would get that bad”

In an interview, the author and journalist Ece Temelkuran points out the parallels between the right-wing populists in Turkey, the United States and Europe


State Affair

by Timo Berger

The unresolved conflict between Spain and Catalonia boils down to how a democratic state responds to the desire for self-determination. A visit to Barcelona.


51% of Czechs have doubts about the EU

Commented by Bára Procházková


No more fears of a harsh regime

by Mariana Gorcyka

Romania is divided over how to deal with the pandemic. The political fallout of corona is yet to be seen.