Caught between ignorance and nostalgia

by Nathalie Tousignant

Why Belgium's colonial heritage must finally be dealt with


Corona vs. culture

by Jess Smee

The Corona outbreak pressed the pause button on theatre, concerts and exhibitions, spinning many freelancers into existential angst. How will the creative industry emerge from the pandemic?


Young people’s voice messages speak volumes about Europe's future

by Cécile Calla 

The cultural programme of the German Council Presidency homes in on European diversity. The centrepiece is the digital platform "Earth Speakr" by the artist Olafur Eliasson, which plays voice messages from young people from all over Europe.


“This is not about redemption and guilt”

an interview with Felwine SarrBénédicte Savoy

In an interview, art historian Bénédicte Savoy and economist Felwine Sarr explain why European museums should return African art treasures.


The desire for innocence

by Andrzej Stasiuk

Why is every attempt to critically revisit Polish history stigmatised as anti-Polish?


Past Shame

by Sigitas Parulskis

 Why truly remembering is so difficult in Lithuania.