The "Green Deal" is put on pause

by Eric Bonse

The Corona crisis has marginalised climate protection - but the EU is sticking to its ambitious goals. Chancellor Merkel must now come up with the funds.


Fighting talk against NGOs

by Primoz Cirman

Slovania’s government is using its new anti-Corona laws to shrink environmental protection


An experimental citizen's council tackles climate

by Barnabé Binctin

An independent citizens' council is making bold suggestions for environmental protection in France, even if it fails to address the issue of nuclear energy


Green Visions

by Matthias Lauerer

Barack Obama's former environmental advisor is building a high-tech village in the Netherlands


Next stop, climate neutral

by Beatrice Rindevall

On ending Stockholm’s history as a car city, and thinking ahead to a cleaner future.


“We are living in an age of extinction”

in conversation with Naomi Klein

The system critic Naomi Klein explains why she still has a glimmer of hope, despite the climate crisis